[p030]Pass's practice which you move to back of the oposite invisibly 裏を取るパス練習

Scene Mobile
① Fast speed passing at foots
① 速いパス、足元への
② To perceive the timing which pass the ball and the point which receive a ball each other.
② 感知すること、タイミングを、ボールを出すそれ、それと、ポイント、ボールを受けるそれ、それらをお互いが感知すること
■Set up
15m×15m square
A group of 4 people is made.
■How to do it
The motion of the player recieve a ball is as follows.
First, 4 players stand on each corners of the square and stand in front of the each cone.
Next, you assume the cone to be the opposite,and then you move to back of it invisibly.
You perceive the point which receives a ball each other.
At the point you recieve the fast speed ball that coming to your foots .
■Technique that be demanded.
① The correct trapping.
① 正確なトラップ
② The fast and correct passing.
② 速く正確なパス
① By hands.
① 手を使う
② Contrary rotation.
② 反対周り
③ Compete with the other group, or yourself by time.
③ タイムやほかのグループと競う

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